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Gabalu, high-end kitchen

GABALU, the international high-end kitchen brand, inherits the exquisite craftsmanship of Italy, combines the latest technology in the world. The product has excellent performance and excellent quality. It aims at providing high quality and innovative products to global consumers, making more families with elegant artistic atmosphere and high quality life enjoyment. The develop concept of GABALU is with good quality, service and innovation as the leading way.
To be a different brand and provide professional service to consumers.

Quality is Our Culture

The world's leading high-precision, digital, intelligent production technology and testing equipment.
Strictly observe every production quality and make lasting products with eternal heart.

Sense and Innovation

Professional R & D team, excellent talents, famous designers from Italy with an excellent team.
As an industry leader, focus on design and make products of people's various needs.

Company Culture

Successful enterprises are inseparable from excellent corporate culture.
Service concept: everything in order to meet the reasonable needs of the customer.
Behavior norms: making people realistic and seeking for refinement
Business tenet: sincere cooperation and wholehearted service
Business philosophy: always adhere to mutual benefit and common development.
Corporate vision: strive to create higher employee value and customer value.
Enterprise code of conduct: integrity cooperation, seeking win-win, steady operation, continuous promotion of enterprise value, adherent to commitment, providing excellent service to customers, caring for employees, and common growth of employees and enterprises.
Code of conduct for employees: continuous learning, efficient work, safety and dedication, compliance with discipline, respect for others, frank communication, obedience to the overall situation and loyalty to enterprises.
Under the guidance of the spirit of the enterprise, our team is diligent and enterprising, hard work, positive innovation, together with us to develop, and strive to make the brand as the excellent brand of the industry!


  • 2006 The First Generation

    2018L-Square-round Combination Sink

    Heaven and earth, the universe is balanced, the circle is moving, the party is quiet, the movement is quiet, and the water flows smoothly in the sink. The kitchen is full of poetic, this is the first generation of GABALU into the sink community. From design to work, it all embodies the wisdom of Eastern philosophy and the lean spirit of craftsmen. Quietness is an art treasure. It is an efficient machine.

  • 2008 The Second generation

    4029D-single/double sink

    The second generation sink become the benchmark for all people's expectations. There is a sinking step between the two left and right sinks, which is equivalent to the guiding line of the sink depth. When the water level reaches this position, the water depth is enough to meet the daily needs, and if it is released, it will overflow into another sink. The user is reminded to stop discharging water so as to save water.

  • 2010 The Third Generation

    868D-Hidden Sink

    Small faint in the city, faint in the trough, the third generation of GABALU sinks, in the second generation of functional design based on the reservation of the basket can be free to slide the vegetables between the two slots, the first hidden design new era. The use of a cover design, when not covered with two cover plate above the sink, suddenly become a clean and stylish multi-functional operating platform, beautify the decorative space at the same time, but also the extremely high cost of the kitchen.

  • 2013 The Fourth Generation

    8888D-3D All-Hidden sink

    Great beauty speechless, elephant invisible, the fourth-generation sink, a brand-new upgrade masterpiece on the basis of the third generation, 3D all-hidden design peak. Not only the sink is hidden, but also the faucets and other protrusions are all hidden in the shadowless and intangible, the use of space is more extreme, and the cleaning is more convenient, and the visual beauty is smoother.

  • 2015 The Fifth Generation

    1028d-Five All-in-one Multifunction Sink

    Five-in-one, dancing rhyme, five creative sinks, five functional accessories, clever design, magical combination, collision out of infinite possibilities. The fifth-generationcollects five different types of sinks: small single bowl, medium-sized single bowl, double bowl, super-large single bowl, and single bowl with board, creating a new era of water saving. Drain baskets, chopping boards, and mini bowl have five outstanding features: washing, soaking, processing, draining, storage, and cleaning.

  • 2016 The Sixth Generation

    8903D-Cloud ion food cleaning machine

    GABALU, the automatic purification sink--Cloud ion technology can efficiently degrade pesticide residues, hormones, and antibiotics, redefining the function of the sink, and solving your food safety concerns. Let your tongue tip enjoy the original taste and let your life return to the original ecology.

  • 2017 seventh generation

    X5 dishwashing sink

    One machine, multiple functions, N uses. Dishwasher sink is faster, stronger, more efficient, easier to install and easier to use than hand wash, leaving you free to wash hands and liberate your hands

  • 2018 The Eighth Generation

    1031D single and double sinks

    Unique all-in-one sinks such as small single-bowl, medium-sized single-bowl, double bowl, super-large single-bowl, single-bowl with board meet all needs of all families. Not only a sink, but also a powerful combination of kitchen functions, a beautiful landscape.

  • Future The Ninth Generation

    The future of sinks shouldn't be just simple stuffing of smart devices, not just traditional impressions...

Qualification Honors

In this spirit of enterprise under the guidance of our team diligent and enterprising, full of hard work, positive innovation, with our common development, and strive to create brand for the industry's outstanding brand!

2006-2017 won 17 national utility model patents;
22 National design patents, 3 Australian design patents and 6 invention patents
2006-2017 several times won the "good faith demonstration Enterprises in Guangdong Province", "A-level taxpayer" title
2008 was selected as the governing unit of China Furniture Association kitchen Furniture Professional Committee
2009 successfully passed ISO9001:2008 Quality Management system Certification
2010 won the national distributor respected brand
2013 CE Certification
2014 won the China cabinet committee respected brand;
2014 the company's products through the Australian certification
2015 China "household stainless steel trough" new GB reference units
2015 identified as High-tech Enterprises, CCTV advertising brand, through the North American certification and Australia certification
2015-year function sink products and 3D hidden sink products have been identified as High-tech products in Guangdong province
2015 approved the establishment of Zhongshan Engineering Technology Research Centre
2016 was a big taxpayer, outstanding enterprise Honorary title
2017 won the Zhongshan Science and Technology Progress Award
2017 Guangdong Province multi-purpose Trough (Gabalu) engineering Technology Research Center
2017 awarded the title of Enterprise of scale