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Contact phone: 0760-86782388, Miss He

Add: Fu Yuan Road, Nansha Industrial Zone, Zhongshan town

Take the route: the south of the city can take 206
     or three rural directions, take 35 road
     to the outer sand station and get to
     the Nansha industrial area500 meters.

Interested parties please bring my ID card and 4 inch photos to our company for an interview.

Position name Number of people Requirement
Packaging Technician / Engineer 1 1. Familiar with stainless steel product packaging characteristics protection requirements, familiar with common packaging materials (carton, foam) characteristics;
2, will use AI or CorelDRAW, CAD and commonly used software;
3、Men and women are not limited, the work is careful and the responsibility;
Electronic Commerce 1 1、Limit women, 20-28 years old, secondary school or high school education;
2、Good communication skills, basic network operation ability, and able to communicate well with customers on the Internet.;
3、Sales and customer service experience, sales sense;
4、Proficient in office office software, PS, CAD and other office software.。
Merchandiser 1 1、 Limit women, 20-28 years old, secondary school or high school education;
2、 Skilled office office software
3、Experience in business merchandiser is preferred。
Salesman Polynomial 1、Male, 25-35 years old, secondary school or high school education;
2、Able to travel for a long time, more than two years experience in building materials industry, investment promotion and promotion.;
3、Experience in E - business marketing is preferred。