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The 16th Shanghai International Kitchen and bathroom Facilities Exhibition

Company News
2011/06/08 16:24

(on May 25, 2011, Shanghai) Gabalu after a period of carefully prepared and creative, around the "continued beyond, taste life" as the theme, wonderful appearance at the 16th China international exhibition of kitchen and bathroom facilities.
In Shanghai new international expo center in the great hall, booth is particularly striking Gabalu. Gabalu to fashion design classic charm of material, with artistic quality challenges life enjoyment, widely known to the industry. In the hutch, three new products exhibition - rossi Gabalu series, ko horse series and cisco series, series stand out in the main hall, rossi once again explained the concept of Gabalu - the road of innovation.
Gabalu said the success of the China international hutch defends show host, marked the global consumer demand for the quality of life has a further improvement, hutch supplies from simple necessities of life, sublimated into art and elegant quality life important content, which just cater to the Gabalu has been adhering to the "with professional technical consulting and after-sales service team, for the consumer provides the omni-directional service" international brand of faith. For future planning, Gabalu will firmly the development of the belief in the global market, "the amount of breakthrough, qualitative leap" goal, to create a refined, sophisticated life and continuous efforts by consumers around the world.