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Reporters from interviewed Gabalu Company at the 15th International Kitchen and bathroom Facilities Exhibition.

Company News
2018/07/24 14:43

Gabalu hutch defends products co., LTD., zhongshan city, is a private enterprise, is China's domestic one of several large manufacturers specializing in the production of stainless steel water trough. The development of just a few short years time Gabalu has steadily grown into a mature hutch appliance production enterprises, in the recent 15th international exhibition on the hutch defends, JiaBao way more achieved high grades, many customers to Gabalu displayed on the booth of the new water tank series, joining JiaBao way more at the fair show the interest of the enterprise. 



Gabalu trough in 2010 launched a new series, the product highlights the rhythm of water, smooth feeling, pure and fresh, concise design wind into each product, strive for each product is a symbol, is a boutique each tank products. Sink Gabalu, of course, is for all classes of fashionable personage tailored highly personalized products, convenient for every customer in choosing the sink will find to belong to own sink products.
Mr Billy series: with smooth simple lines, create functional sink, no redundant design, suitable for urban white-collar life.